View of the historic cemetery at Old St. Andrew’s Church

The historic Old St. Andrew’s Cemetery is one of the few church-owned cemeteries in Connecticut. The oldest stone marker, that of a native American boy, dates back to the year 1748. Several years ago his red sandstone stone was reset into a piece of granite.

In 1920 the Cemetery was endowed by Charles Case with further support added by Richard Seymour in the early 1990’s. The proceeds from these provide perpetual care for the cemetery.

Plots in the “old” section of the cemetery were all subscribed by the 1960’s. At that time a “new” section was opened on the opposite side of the Cemetery Road. Every grave is inventoried, numbered, and mapped in both sections.

Plots in Old St. Andrew’s Cemetery are reserved for members of the parish only. We are not a public cemetery. A small number of plots are sold to members each year. It is reasonable to assume that we have sufficient burial land for the next one hundred years.

For more information about the cemetery call the church office 860-242-4660 or contact the Cemeterian Bob Stanwood at 860-242-2784 or