Richard C. Malley

Phone: 860-906-2747

When my wife and I returned to Connecticut from Virginia in 1990 we started looking for a new church home. The details of how we found OSA are a bit fuzzy: did we get lost and stumble upon it? or did we hear about it from a friend? or did we just start church hopping? No matter. What is crystal clear is that we immediately felt welcome. Some thirty years and two kids later we still feel a sense of community and love that hooked us back then.

In the intervening years I served as clerk of the vestry and now serve as historian and assistant cemeterian. A few years ago I decided to indulge my love of music by joining the choir.

The world is a different place than it was in 1990 with challenges – and opportunities – facing the world, the national, the Episcopal Church, and of course OSA. I am honored to have been called to serve this community at this time. We will look for new ways to connect with the world outside our walls, including the new rail trail literally at our doorstep.

I have been a museum professional for more than 45 years and currently work as curator of the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum in Wethersfield. Spare time activities include cycling, kayaking and researching aspects of American maritime and naval history.